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  • Special Tool Configurations

    Special Overall and/or Flute Lengths
    While we recommend using a standard overall and flute length whenever possible, there are situations where the use of special overall and/or flute lengths are warranted. If you have any questions on the relative merits of using special lengths, CJT's application specialists will be glad to be of assistance.

    Special Point Geometries
    With many applications, special point geometries can increase tool life and/or performance. Any type of point that can be put on a high speed drill can be put on a solid carbide drill and most on a carbide tipped drill with some exceptions.

    Double Margin Drills
    Both solid carbide and carbide tipped drills can be made with "double margin" construction for applications requiring added stability and straightness while drilling.

    Multiple Diameter Step Tools
    Drills, reamers and end mills can all be produced as step tools. Solid carbide and carbide tipped construction is available in non-coolant fed and with internal coolant holes.

    Special Coatings
    TiAlCN and Wc/C are two examples of the special coatings available. Our application specialist will help you determine which coating is appropriate for your application.

    Ask our Application Specialist
    The above are some examples of special purpose drill configurations we make. For more information on what we can produce or what we would recommend in special situations please contact CJT's application specialists.